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Never tried the offshore books like Bovada. You ever have problems getting paid? Thought about trying one.
I assume when you quoted me about Net Neutrality you meant to respond to the person I was quoting.
I will buy your ticket for KSU if you still have it.
I still have it. You can email me at to discuss delivery and payment, etc.
Hi, Greg. I've been a member of the site since 2004, when I registered as Gman. When I signed up for the AV, I created a new user name. Is it possible to merge my Gman account with my RPG account?
Trying to get in touch with you about the Baylor tickets. can you text me a 918-289-8607. tried to reply to you ad but keep getting kicked off for some reason. thank you!!!!
A strong supporter of Mullets, Big Daddy Coffee mugs, Wrasslin singlets, dove hunting, rattlesnake hunting and turtle hunting.
If you don't mind me asking, which ad blocker do you use? There are a bunch out there to pick from...

I don't mind the videos playing (I do, but not as much) since my connection speeds are blazing, but the damn sound drives me nuts.