Which schools have offered Oklahoma State’s 14 commitments?

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Feb 27, 2018
If this is better suited for the recruiting forum please move it :) From Mark Cooper...

• It’s no surprise that the five teams that have extended the most offers to OSU recruits come from Texas. Half of OSU’s commits come from the state, including Wilson (30 offers) and offensive lineman Cole Birmingham (29 offers).

• Collinsville tight end Grayson Boomer is Oklahoma State’s lone four-star recruit to date. As the No. 6 player at his position in the 2019 class, he garnered interest from some of college football’s blue bloods. Among his offers, per 247Sports: LSU, Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma and Texas.

• The schools Oklahoma State appears to be competing against (or, perhaps, winning against) the most in the Big 12: Baylor and Texas Tech. The Red Raiders have the No. 6 class in the Big 12 as of Tuesday, while the Bears are No. 7.

• At No. 28 nationally, the three teams ahead of OSU in 247Sports’ Composite rankings: Northwestern, Washington and Michigan State. The three below: Indiana, Florida and Virginia Tech.