What happens to low-revenue P4 schools? Miss State? Rutgers?

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Jun 13, 2010
This may be out of order, but I wanted to pitch a very targeted, non-OSU question about the remaining P4 conferences. I generally think that "fixing things that don't make sense" is where realignment is headed.

What is going to happen to Vanderbilt, Miss State, Ole Miss, Indiana, Rutgers, Maryland, Wake Forest, Sacarlina, Louisville, Oregon State, Arizona, etc etc...

If ESPN wants one super conference of the Top 32 revenue programs, or fewer even, then how do they purge the SEC of less profitable programs? That alone will be the fastest, most-profitable move for the elite tier.

Are Vandy and Miss State safe, or should they be worried? I know that most fans in the Pac 12 (not with USC or Oregon) are openly nervous right now.
Aug 16, 2012
I would think it is one thing for deep pocket/big names to jump ship, but a completely different ballgame for a conference to just boot teams to the curb for whatever reason. They could make it very uncomfortable for them to stay and give them an out, but even then, the SEC is like most conferences with pretty well defined upper and lower tiers that are roughly equal. As such, when the likes of a Vanderbilt gets brought into the conference room and dismissed, those like MSU and Kentucky have to be looking over their shoulder wondering when they are next. For the sake of their conferences, hopefully admins of the "have nots" are watching out for each other knowing they could be next.

If I were a booster of a west coast school, I would be very vocal about any decision to ditch the obvious geography benefits. It is one thing for a midwest school to play a lot of games on one coast or the other, but imagine the nightmare that fans would incur if Oregon or USC decided to join the SEC.