Vanderbilt Sarah Fuller

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Sep 29, 2011
Breckenridge, CO
I think he should have changed his statement from the best chance to win to the best chance of losing by
I find it interesting how many knuckle draggers were triggered by her kicking

I understand she was there to handle all kicking duties. Unfortunately, she was only able to kickoff. Clearly it was an intentional squib designed not to be returned. I’ve seen big-time kickers do the same thing.

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Sep 2, 2007
Publicity Stunt. Biology is not determined by wokeness or feelings. Biology is a definable, observable and in some ways, predictable based upon scientific measurements. There is a BIOLOGICAL difference between Male & Female and to deny this is to deny reality.

If we are going push Equality, then NO ONE is beyond reproach. A 30 Yard kickoff is nothing to write home about. A male kicker would lose his position, yet a female gets Co-Special Teams player of the week (equal?). If the squib was indeed on purpose there is no reasonable explanation other than they didn’t want her to get hit. WHY would a College Football coach call a play specifically to avoid hitting their player? Equality right?

The greatest insult to Vandy was that this female felt entitled to call out players during halftime for poor play. Judging by the final score the “pep talk” was taken to heart.
#getwokegobroke #kicklikeagirl


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Aug 11, 2011
I’m surveying our girls soccer team for a replacement for Hale. Our guys aren’t cutting it....

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To be honest you could pervey the girls soccer team and the coed flag football teams and probably find somebody, male or female.

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Feb 7, 2007
Tulsa, OK
Obviously a stunt by Vandy but I have no real problem with it. Good for her.

My problem is that I think all the media coverage treating it like breaking new ground is a little insulting to the female who already kicked in a D1 game several years ago....she actually scored a point, she's the pioneer.

It's like writing a story about how great Buzz Aldrin was for walking on the moon and never mentioning Neil.
Aug 16, 2012
Funny, how...

Actually sad...

a woke PR stunt gets media attention out the wazoo and is falsely lauded as a groundbreaking achievement that will not have anywhere near the impact that is being claimed, but when something happens that really sets the table and opens doors for women, it pretty much gets swept under the rug.

For first time, the Navy has recommended a woman to command an aircraft carrier

IMO, this is huge and will inspire more women than a lame kicking stunt. This lady earned every promotion and command in a male-dominate career over 26 years and will have 6,000 sailors, mostly male, under her direct command 24/7, while sitting in a chair that holds the power to start or stop a global conflict.

That is historical.