UNCW at OSU baseball

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Jun 29, 2004
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Very simple how you do it
Actually break it down

Vanderbilt is 3-2 in the SEC when Rocker or Leiter isn't pitching.

They are 0-1 against OSU when Rocker or Leiter isn't pitching.

The debate is position by position minus Rocker and Leiter.

We all agree Rocker and Leiter are on a different level.

In Conference play Vanderbilt has played
South Carolina
and Georgia

That's a last place team
2nd to last place team
3rd to last place team
And a 3rd place team

In the games where Rocker and Leiter haven't pitched they are 3-2.

And, again, in the 1 game they played OSU where Rocker or Leiter didn't pitch they were 0-1.

They have played 1 more game then OSU and have scored 35 more runs.

But...OSU has had to face Rocker and Leiter and their offense hasn't so that's a built in advantage.

For instance......They scored 23 runs in the 2 games Rocker and Leiter pitched against us.

That's because, once we got down against Rocker in game 1 we saved pitching. After Parker Scott we threw Eric Walker, Wyatt Chaney and Roman Phansalker.

In game 2 after getting down to Leiter we finished with C.J. Varela, Tucker Elliott and Mitchell Stone in an attempt to save pitching.

That's common for them.

Playing offense behind those 2 guys is much easier because, once you get a 3 or 4 run lead, the other team is going to save pitching like we did and you're going to be facing down staff guys for 1/2 of the game in both games.

Plus....OSU has had to play without one or more of McCusker, Trenkle, Huey, Thompson and Cabbiness in all of our games to this point.

That's 5 starters in a 9 man starting line up that haven't been put together in one lineup yet.

Mc Cusker is just now rounding into form after being out the entire season, and Trenkle and Thompson aren't available right now as we speak.

Huey still hasn't found his groove after coming off of injury.

OSU is better defensively at 3rd base, right field and short stop.

When Golda is playing second base we are better defensively at 2nd base than they are.

Vanderbilt is better defensively at catcher and left field.

When Trenkle is playing Center field is a push, and First base is as well.

OSU has the better closer and the better #3 starter and #4 starter.

Take 5 starters out of any teams lineup, like OSU has had to deal with, and they will all be inconsistent.

OSU has the best defensive right fielder in College Baseball

We have most likely the most talented 3rd baseman in College Baseball.

We have most likely the most talented Freshman in College Baseball.

We have one of the best defensive short stops in College Baseball.

We have a center fielder that out performed Christian Franklin as a Freshman.

We have 4 legitimate starters, possibly the best closer in College Baseball, and several mid low to mid 90's power arms out of pen that are both left and right handed

We have the ability to put out a lineup of position players where 6 of the 8 starters were drafted and that doesn't include our best hitter in Thompson.

That is elite talent!

There is no College Baseball team more talented than that.

We just need to get healthy and perform to our capabilities and we are as good or better then anyone else in College baseball.
Aug 9, 2011
Perry, OK
lmao...if you followed the convo, I was very complimentary. It's okay to be critical...if that bothers you...well I can't help you...just scroll down my post and keep it moving!!! You make it sound like I was yelling and trashing the team....sensitive much???? Maybe you need to seriously re-read what I wrote. I haven't wrote this team off, simply stating guys who are performing well, and haven't. I've also stated it's not too late for said individuals to turn it around. So in essence, do yourself a favor, take your own advice...and simply chill the hell out!! The self righteous act is tiresome.
Dude, once again get a life! I read everything you said and you were not complimentary to the team rather trashing it. Clearly you have no clue about the game of baseball. Love the ignore button for idiots like you.
Feb 24, 2020
Dude, once again get a life! I read everything you said and you were not complimentary to the team rather trashing it. Clearly you have no clue about the game of baseball. Love the ignore button for idiots like you.
boy you sensitive as hell..please use the ignore button lol. I didn’t say anything egregious but hey maybe you should lay off message board. You must be Robert Allen’s cousin.
Oct 6, 2012
This group has speed, power, guys that should be able to hit for average, experience, left handed hitters, right handed hitters, power pitchers, left handed pitching, right handed power arms, 2 good catchers, 4 legitimate starting pitchers, and a dominant closer.

If there is a more talented team I'd like to see it

Just gotta out it together and play to the potential this team has and we could win. National Title with this kind of talent.
This post did not age well


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Nov 14, 2010
This weekend had 0 to do with talent.

We, in no way, played to our potential.

In fact, despite playing so poorly in so many areas, we still had a very real chance to win every game.

We had 7 more hits than they did in the weekend.

This weekend had to do with running into outs on the bases

Untimely bad defense by very good defensive players and not having a catcher that can throw out base runners.

Which, if you go back, the catcher position, from a defensive perspective, is one of the positions where I have stated we aren't as talented as other teams.

It also goes on the decision to pitch to their DH yesterday with 2 bases open, terrible pitch calling, very poor bullpen management, a pitching coach, that, by philosophy, has drained a bunch of really good pitchers confidence, and not breaking games open when we had chances.

This weekend really exposed Rob the way he is so inflexible.

It also made some people realize how good of an infield coach James was while he was here.

Despite all that, we were in position to win every game.

That's a testament to the talent this team has not an indictment.
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