Tucson Regional

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Nov 14, 2010
That really surprises me, thought fo sure they would at least make it to a super.

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TCU Didn't even make it to the Finals of the Regional.


At this stage its as much or more about your matchup then who has better players.

TCU was a horrendous matchup for us so we have an over inflated idea of who they are.

Kansas State. Dallas Baptist and Oregon State have all beaten them in the last week.

We can't play against that style because Rob refuses to make adjustments.

We continue to spin balls to get behind, throw pitches in the dirt that their base runners have a heyday with and let them get into hitters count where they tee off on "get me overs"

It's very frustrating to watch someone be so stubborn as to not adjust in an attempt to put his kids in the best position as possible to have success.
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