Truly, A Gift... Postgame Celebration Video

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Feb 4, 2005
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That second half is really what we're all about. I mean, we played really good on offense, we played really good on defense, and we were good in the kicking game. But coming back, on the road like that, against a top-ten team, there's not many people in the country that can do that now. Okay, so, what you guys have to remember is in here at half-time we talked about we've been in this situation before. Okay, you sit down in a work-like manner and you make your corrections and you go play. We have a really good football team that's won a lot of games and played with a lot of confidence so you can do that. So that's why you play the next play, okay, and you don't worry about what's happening in the game. In the first half we had penalties that stopped drives, we missed six or seven tackles, we allowed them to convert, and, we looked a little bit gun-shy playing on the road. We looked a little bit gun-shy in the first quarter, okay? So you settled down, alright? Your coaches did a great job guys. I flip over on both headsets, okay? Nobody panicked, alright? They said, "Look, here's what happened. Here's how we clean it up." They kept working, kept coaching. You guys, um, listened, and you absorbed the information, and you took it out there in the second half, alright? There will always be things that happen in games, there will always be adversity, just like life. I mean it just happens one right after the other, okay? And the guys who are tough enough to persevere, handle the situation, they're the ones that will be successful. I just want you to remember that, not only in this game, but in life. You'll see this all the time and you guys have fought through it, and so when you get out there in the real world, you'll know how to handle it, okay. That's why in practice, what I tell you all the time, I don't do anything anymore except watch, okay, so all I do anymore is observe body language and attitudes. And when your coaches are coaching you hard, alright, you take it for what it is worth and you get better. So as long as the chemistry stays really good, and we continue to work together. Play unselfish football. I've never been around a team that has so many good players that don't complain about either not getting the ball or not getting on the field. As long as you continue to do that, you'll have a chance to do special things, like today. Today is very special. I think this is a special win for Coach Spencer and his boys. (applause) We learned a good lesson in life in that situation, okay? That is the most difficult thing in the world to handle, okay? When you lose somebody like that, the most difficult thing to handle. Coach Spencer and his family went through it and I told you what he said on Wednesday, he said, "I want to come back with the team, I want to be with the team, and I want my boys with me." Okay, then, here's what happened. We had, um, wrist bands made, and we had… a player came to me, I didn't bring it up, a player came to me and said, "We're going to wear a sticker on our helmet." You know what? That meant more to me than winning this damn game because that means you guys understand life. You know what's more important, okay? You keep doing that and you'll have a lot of success on the field and off the field. Okay, let's sing (bad rendition of "Ride, ride, ride 'em Cowboys")
Thanks to my dad for transcribing this for me since I didn't know what he was saying.
Apr 16, 2008
I watch the video about once a day because it embodies what I believe about OSU football. When Gundy talks about success in life because you have your priorities straight, I want to run through a wall. I believe we are recruiting good young men and I hope they are better after 4/5 years in Stillwater.