Tom Hutton: The Truthsayer

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Feb 7, 2007
Tulsa, OK
Two thoughts come to mind here.
1. I've been to Lubbock one time, in 1998. Said then that I'd never go back and still mean it to this day. I heard somebody say once "Lubbock, 4 hours from anywhere". And that is true.
2. How do you set a freaking NCAA record and still only get CO- special teams player of the week. I mean come on, that kid was the best freaking player on the field for Tech Saturday night.


ole 3 putt.
A/V Subscriber
Feb 11, 2004
The Sand Shaker
I know I'm getting some down votes here, but don't be surprised if we have a new punter this week.
Hutton is a middle aged Australian with a knack for target kicking a football, and like most Australian males, freely voices his opinion, especially after a VB (Victoria Bitter) or two. Gundy probably frowned a bit. That's it.