The Market Thread

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Oct 7, 2008
UHAUL has turned into a long-term hold for me. They had their investor call yesterday and CEO says it looks like gains from the pandemic aren't going away. Their EPS was still at $17/share so they're raking in $$. They're building out self-storage facilities like crazy and occupancy rates are 10-15% higher than pre-pandemic. Investors have been asking about how they plan to increase shareholder value for awhile as the market cap is only $10 billion- the same as CubeSmart which is one of their competitors in self-storage. Only problem is Uhaul's self-storage is roughly the same size as CubeSmart, so that part of their business alone should account for a $10 bill market cap. And that's not even including the moving side of their business which is where they really make their $$. CEO said board will likely implement stock split, dividend, etc soon to help get the shares up to where they should be.