The Market Thread

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Mar 31, 2004
oklahoma city
On a whim. (Was $7 at the time.)
Caught me off guard and hoped it was just a dip and didn't want to pay the taxes from having some of it less than a year.
$40/share. Lol.
It is sitting just above its 200DMA which is also an area of consolidation from nov-dec. A bounce there back to 37-40 would not surprise me at all.
If it slices through that like butter though, then you may reconsider your plan.
Jan 11, 2010
In Pokey's head
Anyone in here in ARRY? I'm not invested but been watching for awhile. Pretty good entry point at the moment.
With an average price target of $44.25 (high $53 low $30) and an all time high of $51, if I had it I might hold but I personally wouldn't buy it. Biotech's (like Inovio etc) can be high flyers after years of mediocre performance but you have to be ready to sell on short notice. They fall faster than they rise. imo