The Big 12 Games Thread…

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Oct 30, 2007
WVU is now a community college-at best.
The Neal Brown era is over.
1-11 is possible.

Hopefully the ad is fired as well. WVU passed over Luke Fickel to hire neal Brown.

Neal Brown's teams just step on the rake over and over and over.

WVU will win this conference every 4-5 years, just like it did in the old BE. Just needed the right coach--DH isnt good, we have seen that @ Houston which was expected to be a top group of 5 program this year.

Big 12 has good teams, but no better than Miami in its heyday or VT who won like 5 of 7 ACC titles after they left the BE for the ACC. And while Cuse, Pitt, and BC all suck now, they were top 25ish teams back then.

Neil Brown and VK are the real deal. DH left them no cards to play with on offense. Will take time to rebuild that oline, and DH didnt even leave a qb on the roster who could start for Rice. NB is a known guru in recruiting, and WVU will get the players it needs to beat Texas and OU just like they beat Miami and VT when they had better players.

So you go from winning this conference every 4-5 years to being a community college?
Great job upstate. This is nolaeer in a nut shell.

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