The Biden Administration Thread

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Jan 3, 2014
so here's what I know/think/read/have heard:

Biden likes to touch women and/or children...
trump likes to sexually assault and/or grope women...

both are frowned upon by most people...


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Sep 16, 2004
Isn’t that on video or am I misremembering? If it’s the one that’s on video why would that incident need to be verified by the MSM?
Who said MSM? We were talking about ANYONE credible.

Plus: The video is not conclusive of anything. It’s all conjecture and a TikTok comment. If Biden were molesting kids, someone needs to file an official report. As of now, there has never been one.

The accusations of child molestation are a staple of QAnon conspiracies. When you guys focus on the same claims, it tips your hand regarding who you’re listening to and potentially what you believe.
Sep 12, 2008
Hunter is the gift that keeps on giving...

Hunter: 'You know what I just thought of something. When I was in California [inaudible] before I met you. I was with these guys. The one guy was, not like you anyway.

'Primarily my source, ok? And I spent fu**ing crazy amounts of money. I went to Las Vegas and he said it would be one day. I made him promise me it would be one day. I hate Las Vegas.

'And so literally after 18 days going round from penthouse suite to penthouse suite [inaudible] four different hotels, and thousands of dollars. I didn't even know. He had my credit card, he said we got half off, I was like great. Then I found out it was $10,000 a night. I'm like what.

'And each night he'd be like 'there's going to be so many people here, crazy fu**ing party' and each night it's nobody.

'Hold on I'm peeing.

'And so that's when I went into the pool. Into the tub. In the hot tub, above, in Palms that hangs over the side [Inaudible] more than I usually do, way more than that [inaudible]

'And I went out to the hot tub by myself, which hangs over the edge of the fu**ing top floor, with glass, it's ridiculous.

'And so I'm sitting there and that's the last I remember. And I don't ever pass out, ever.

'I wake up and the only people that are there are Miguel, the guy frantically running round gathering things up, ok – and Miguel, and Pierce, this guy, his friend.

'So anyway, and they had kicked everybody out. And they had cleaned up the entire place, everything ok? And they were getting ready to leave, and I woke up. And there was this Russian 35-year-old, really nice, pure brunette.

'[Inaudible] I don't know how long. She refused to leave until they – she refused to leave and they wouldn't call an ambulance. And they didn't know whether I was dead or not, at first.

Hooker: ' They couldn't just come over and check [inaudible]'

Hunter: 'They checked to see if I was breathing. When I finally showed signs of breath, at first I wasn't breathing, I was in the fu**ing pool face down, they don't know how long.

'And she told me that they don't, they were like 'we thought we'd get everybody out, because you know we didn't want, if we had to call, we didn't want everybody…' And she went no. They demanded that [inaudible]

'Two months before… [inaudible]

Hooker: 'Continue with the story please.'

Hunter: 'Anyway my computer, I had taken tons of like, just left like that cam on. And he would always put in a passcode and all that, you know what I mean? It was fu**ing crazy sh*t. And somebody stole it during that period of time. He did all this kind of like pretend search and sh*t.

'The last thing he sent me was $2,000 worth of stuff in an Uber and he sent me a [inaudible] with the Uber, and I had to send the money to a cash app or something....just waiting

Hooker: '...In Las Vegas [inaudible]'

Hunter: 'I think he's the one that stole my computer. I think the three of them, the three guys that were like a little, like group. The dealer and his two guys, I took them everywhere. Fu**ing everywhere, crazy out of your mind sh*t.

'The Russian [inaudible] she'd walk out with a fu**ing bathing suit in her hand.

'They have videos of me doing this. They have videos of me doing crazy fu**ing sex fu**ing, you know.

Hooker: 'How long ago did this happen?'

Hunter: 'Summer.'

Hooker: 'So it would have been out already if they-'

Hunter: 'No no no, because my dad [inaudible] running for president. He is, he is, he is. I talk about it all the time. If they do, he also knows I make like a gazillion dollars.'

Hooker: 'They'd try to blackmail you?'

Hunter: 'Yeah in some way yeah.'


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Jun 29, 2004
Fairmont, MN
Now let’s look at another selected date range; say, ohhhh, January 2017 through today. Or would you prefer I just cut to the chase and tell you the difference in our fuel bill?
The question was earlier this decade. Im taking it as 2010 to present. If you want to go 2020-2021 yeah, that's not really much to go on. We had really cheap gas last April but I don’t think anyone wants to revisit the reason why.

I know you are trying to make this a partisan thing but it's due to a hot commodity market in general and Presidents don't usually have a lot of influence on that. Grains are the same way. Corn and soybeans are expensive right now and will remain that way at least through the fall. If you are going to be upset at Biden for the price at the pump, you should give him credit for making farmers in the Midwest a lot of money this year. Personally I'm not sure how he was able to create a derecho last year and drought this year to spike grain prices but he's the President so Biden has done more for the American farmer than farm aid.

Pokit N

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Sep 29, 2006
Lily Lake, IL
Biden showed up for work at 1 PM on Tuesday and is heading off for vacation right now.

This guy is NOT Running the show. He's a doddering old man who is struggling w/ senility.