The Biden Administration Thread

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Mar 11, 2006
Libertarians watch out! They are coming after us.

Is there any bigger tool than John Brennan?


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Mar 31, 2004
oklahoma city
It is being put through sacred Sioux lands which had caused all kinds of holy hell for doesn't have to go through Sioux lands

And the US gets more tax money on the oil. Canadian oil could be sent over the pipeline directly to Houston directly into a refinery in duty free zone ...which then could be exported from there ....doing this bypasses all US taxes on that oil and allows Canada to export it directly out of Houston
I think you are talking about the Dakota Access Pipeline.
Jul 5, 2020
Broken Arrow
Yeah might want to read up on it a little more. Keystone already runs from Canada to Houston via Nebraska and Cushing. Has been running for years. KXL is a shorter route from Canada to SE Nebraska intended on reducing the travel length by 20% and increasing capacity via larger diameter pipe. It also has a transfer station in Montana where Bakken crude is added. There is no new construction south of Nebraska. Oil will run to Cushing where it is bought and sold before heading to Houston or elsewhere via pipe or rail. The oil cannot go straight to Houston. It stops in Cushing. It cannot be duty free because it is mixed with domestic crude. The only thing KXL will do is increase capacity which is needed to offset losses of Venezuelan heavy crude.
Which would require additional tank other petroleum infrastructure construction in Cushing, yes?
Apr 14, 2009
The biggest environmental impact may be all the energy required to extract the oil from the tar sands—the burning of the resulting fuels in vehicles notwithstanding. Some scientists, such as NASA climatologist James Hansen, are convinced that using such resources—he calls them "the dirty needle" of an oil addict—will mean "game-over for climate change." Oil sands are among the most greenhouse gas–intensive forms of petroleum to produce. "Things that don't make sense from a planetary perspective are being actively encouraged," Hansen notes. "As long as fossil fuels are the cheapest fuel we will burn them and not solve the problem."
Aug 16, 2012
Wow complete wrong pipeline. I was under the impression this was the pipeline that Biden paused today via EO

Sorry about the pipeline mixup
I think you are talking about the Dakota Access Pipeline.
Dakota Access has been up and running for over three years. Runs from the Bakken reserves in NW North Dakota in an almost straight line to Iowa and Illinois. Does not deliver to Houston. One of the functions of the KXL, the one killed today, is to direct a portion of the Bakken reserves to Houston. Both have had issues with the Sioux nation
Aug 16, 2012
Which would require additional tank other petroleum infrastructure construction in Cushing, yes?
They have been building tanks and infrastructure there non-stop for decades. Mom lives on the south edge of town and from her rear property line the tanks are about a par 5 to the south. This decision is not going to slow down production one iota. It will slow expansion a little bit, but nothing else.
Nov 16, 2013
Biden will expand their unemployment benefits. Oh wait, most of those jobs are contractors they will just have to suffer. Maybe they should learn to code instead of all that messy welding and dirt work.