Texas Tech at OSU weekend series

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Mar 17, 2006
Edmond, Ok
OSU hosts Tech, trying to maintain its hold on the Big XII lead.

The chances of rain and storms has been going down, so hopefully they can get this one in.

You want to think OSU is the better team but: 1) its college baseball 2) its Texas Tech

Josh is 11-18 versus TTU.

Tonight's matchup will be RHP Andrew Morris 6-0, 3.44 ERA in 11 appearances (10 starts), 70 K, 18 BB in 65.1 IP and Campbell. Then Saturday will be Birdsell (7-2 2.07) vs Osmond. Tech hits .300 as a team, led of course by Jace Jung who hits .364 with 12 HR and 50 RBI. Have we ever got him out?

Games are at 6, 6, and 1 on ESPN+

This is a tough matchup for us on paper, as Tech always is.
Nov 18, 2011
Get ready for some Tennessee type antics. These guys are super cocky. #8 Kurt Wilson is particularly annoying.
Mar 1, 2005
Enid, Oklahoma
We need Campbell to set the tone tonight, and hopefully the offense can stay hot, as they have averaged over 10 runs/game over their last eight. That includes double-digits in five of those eight. Big time Friday night matchup!