Texas Blackout Thread

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Dark Horse

Some say...
A/V Subscriber
Sep 7, 2007
Dunsfold Park
Dear Zach Allalongthewatchtower,

Congratulations, chairman of the blackout twerp brigade. You awoke the Black Saturday zombie on Halloween. He rose from the dead, lumbered around for a few minutes, and then promptly got his brains blown out by #3 Texas.

You did it. You can now be satisfied that you can tell your grandchildren that you insulted scores of loyal OSU fans by attacking their character, all because they had the nerve to realize your were being a self-promoting, pretentious dork.

Maybe some day you can also teach them a lesson about the power of buying into the concept of being a team player or honoring a tradition built by thousands of people that came before you, rather than the short-lived notoriety of being a divisive goof who's interested only in creating his own fame - or now, more appropriately, infamy.

But then again, they'll probably learn that lesson through example. The example of "I wish grandpa would stop trying to sell 'Blackout Texas 2009 - 60th Anniversary' t-shirts to everyone else in the old folks home."

With love,
Dark Horse

Rob B.

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Aug 13, 2007
Rockin' the GL.
Ok, then your assist can count!

Wait... do you get 2 assists for getting those shots for him?? Or did you even get them?
I reached and got him 2 shot cups, when he made the comment about everyone hating him I knew immediately it was Mr. Allalongthewatchtower (that still makes me giggle).
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