Tailgate Location for 40 FT RV - UT Game 10/1/16

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Jul 29, 2004
I am an OSU fan who is driving up from Texas. Does anyone know of spot I can park an RV for the UT vs OSU Game? Any help or advice would help.

Reserved POSSE RV parking in lot #74 located at Hall of Fame and Walnut requires a POSSE RV parking hang tag. This lot is administered by the POSSE and State Rangers RV Club. Limited non-reserved POSSE RV parking is available in lot #81 located on McDonald, north of Hall of Fame. Silver Star (or above) POSSE permit is required.
Limited parking for visitors and non-POSSE permitted RVs not requiring hook-ups can be found on the north edge of campus at lots #84 and #112 located North of Hall of Fame and East of Willis. These lots are about 0.5 mile to the gameday shuttle service. Click here to see campus map with lot locations. All RV lots on University property will open the evening prior to each home game at 5:30 pm. Additional information for visitor and non-POSSE permitted RV parking availability in the Stillwater area can be obtained by visiting VisitStillwaterOK.org.