An OP Original Sione Finefeuiaki Interview

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Dec 6, 2010
2017 FB recruit Sione Finefeuiaki is just over a week away from reporting to OSU. Sione finished his online class today, the only thing standing between him and OSU. Sione was kind of enough to take a few minutes out of his day to answer several questions. A unique recruit as he is a legitimate FB prospect, something OSU has not seen in quite some time, he brings skill and a hard work ethic to the table that could lead to large running lanes for Justice Hill. Here is what he had to say:

Thank you for taking a few minutes out of your day to answer some questions regarding your soon to be migration to Stillwater.

1. You’re fresh off taking your last final before making the move, how did it go and what did the class mean to you being it was the only thing between you and your new home, OSU?

“Having to take a online class, and it being the only thing keeping me from transferring to Oklahoma was motivating. I knew I was going to be behind as far as workouts because I was reporting later than everyone else, and that helped me motivate myself to stay engaged the entire course so I could hurry up and finish so I could join the rest of the team and finally get to work.”

2. When will you be reporting to the team?

“I will be reporting on the 29th of this month.”

3. A lot of fans are excited to see in a Cowboy uniform as your build/attributes are different than the usual FB/TE recruits OSU has recruited in the past. A player in recent memory that many are wanting to compare you to is Kye Staley. He was the last FB in an OSU uniform that could be used as a weapon in the game plan due to his skills while also clearing large holes for the running back behind you. Which players did you look up to growing up and try to model your player after? Also, how do you see yourself being used within this team and what have the coaches told you about your role?

“I was always a defensive player growing up. It wasn't until my Senior year of JuCo where I made the switch and got to play and contribute on the offensive side of the ball. Growing up I looked up I looked up to Brian Urlacher, he was to me an example of a leader for the Bears and played the Inside LB position the way I believe it should've been played. On the offensive side of the ball, Jalston Fowler! If there is someone I want to model my type of play on the offensive side to it would be him. He is an athletic fullback who could do it all. His collegiate highlight film speaks for itself. I'm not sure what role I'll play, but it'll be fun considering the amount of weapons the offense has right now.”

4. Piggybacking off of that, what do you bring to the table that separates you and will make you successful both on the field and off the field?

“I believe what I bring to the table is just my competitive nature. I may not be one of the strongest, fastest, or athletic guys, but I'll compete and nothing brings the best of people than competition. Which I believe will help me be successful on and off the field in Oklahoma.”

5. You’re recruiting was quite unique as it seemed to materialize very quickly before committing to OSU. Can you give me some detail as to how and when you first heard from OSU all the way up to you pulling the trigger on the offer?

“I wanted to commit to the first team that showed they were really interested in me. And a team that could compete for a National Championship right away. The coaching staff all reached out, was getting calls daily, and everyone's ultimate goal is to make it to the League, and being apart of a program like OSU, you get to showcase your talent on the biggest stage of college football. So I committed and that was that!

6. Coach Gundy is widely regarded as a player’s coach. He stresses that making his players successful after football is just as important than the game itself. Did this way of thought help you with your decision to commit to OSU and what did you like most about Coach Gundy after your first interactions?

“Coach Gundy has to be one of the coolest guys. He believes in his guys, and he knows how to win games. It was definitely his mullet that finalized my decision in committing haha.”

7. What are you looking forward to most about OSU and Stillwater other than playing football?

“Other than playing football I am looking forward to growing as a man while being in Stillwater. Being away from home will help me mature and grow as a man. I'm excited to grow as a person overall. I look forward to strengthening my relationship with God, and making lifelong friends while pursuing a degree. And of course, to check out the hype over Whataburger. Because we all know it's all about that West Coast In N Out!”


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