Russia invades Ukraine

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Oct 16, 2003
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Do you agree with any of this?
It’s an interesting idea, some Euro pols are talking about it as likely.
”You opened a new supply pipeline to to be independent of our gas? Let us show you what’s coming if you persist with pushing us.” Or “You think the taps will be turned back on when I’m gone, not for many years.”

Drones flying around Scandinavian offshore platforms.

We know both us and Russia have looked into ways to disrupt/destroy sub-sea infrastructure. Who is truly responsible? We’ll probably never know but my money is on Greta Thunbergh


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Jun 28, 2008
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This is such a bull**** take. Russia sucks because they dont have the money and are corrupt as hell. Its not because they are "manly" lmao. It doesnt discredit the fact there are pathetic individuals throughout our own military who are attempting to change the military from a professional killing force into one wasting time on stupid woke nonsense like not using the terms "mom" and "dad". Does anyone here really think our military should be wasting time on this and not training to inflict maximum carnage on our enemies?

Air Force Academy cadets told to stop using gendered terms like 'mom and dad'