Roster Taking Shape

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Dec 19, 2012
Shai Gileous-Alexander (Best player and all-star caliber)
Lu Dort (Terrific 3 and D player)
Josh Giddey (Could average a triple double if he has the ball enough)
Chet Holmgren (your centerpiece of the future and potential all-star)
Potential Starters:
Darius Bazley (still oozes potential but needs to take that leap)
Jeremiah Robinson-Earl (Has shown tons of heart and grit, earned his contract)
(I like lots of others later in the year, including the rookies)
Second Team (will be on a rotation for PT):
Jalen Williams (I wouldn't be surprised if he starts or at least ends games this year, he's looked great)
Kenrich Williams (Dort-lite is terrific and still developing with more NBA minutes)
Tre Mann (role is probably best off the bench as a 3 point sniper and scorer for 2nd team)
Theo Maledon (has shown flashes and looked great for France)
Ousmane Dieng (Tons of potential, needs minutes and experience)
Jaylin Williams (Captain Hustle)
Aleksej Pokusevski (Still one of the youngest on the team and has potential, Chet might be good for him to learn from)
Aaron Wiggins (Still developing)
Mike Muscala (Anchor and solid, there for the young guys)
JaMychal Green (Anchor and solid, will likely be traded at the right time)
Derrick Favors (Anchor and solid, will likely be traded at the right time)
Vit Krejci (Tall and has potential, minutes will be tough to come by
Lindy Waters (2 way contract, if injuries strike he'll get some time, will be tough to see the floor much otherwise, but has proven himself as a 3 point threat in the league)

Is there a deeper team in the NBA? More potential? Plus all those picks... I would highly expect to cut down on bodies throughout the year, as we'll continue to get high risk/high reward players in the draft with all our picks.
Dec 19, 2012
How may roster spots to NBA teams have?
I think it's 15 and two 2-way players. I think I've seen we have two more players to cut or trade.

Check out off-season Bazley, he's up to 220 lbs (was 208 last year), I think he starts with Shai, Giddey, Dort, and Chet: