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Jul 25, 2018
Boulder, CO


Miami Hurricanes guard Isaiah Wong has elected not to enter the transfer portal, he told ESPN, less than 24 hours after his agent said he would transfer if his name, image and likeness compensation wasn't increased.
Wong will keep his name in the NBA draft while maintaining his college eligibility and leaving open the option to return to Miami.

He and his representatives spoke with LifeWallet CEO John Ruiz to discuss their differences surrounding his current agreement, and both sides will continue their partnership moving forward.

Ruiz told ESPN's Dan Murphy that Wong's current NIL deal will remain in place.

"Glad Wong didn't enter the portal," Ruiz wrote on Twitter. "This is a great youngster and his mom is amazing. The deal remains the same, however, as I said day one I will help him get other NIL deals."
Wong has been assured that his LifeWallet agreement complies with NCAA regulations for student-athletes and Florida state law.
Jan 5, 2011

It’s the new normal for everyone, especially the programs with less NIL money/support. Hard to get dialed into college hoops program building right now.


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Jun 25, 2011
Man I really hate to see this! I thought he had a bright future with Cowboy basketball. Thought he could develop into a Tony Allen level defender…

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I really liked his energy. Full out hustle. Hard to blame him for hitting the portal. His minutes weren’t consistent and I think that makes it difficult for a player to be committed to a team because of the uncertainty of their playing time.