PGA 2021 US Open

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Territorial Marshal
Dec 31, 2008
Keller, Texas
The US Open is a USGA event and not a PGA event.

Matt and Viktor are off to a good start.
I just used PGA as a signifier so that people know it was golf not tennis. Also you could say that about any Major Championship. The British Open is organized by The R&A for instance.

Wolff -2 through 13
Hovelannd +1 through 12
Jul 9, 2004
Great 2nd round for Wolfe.
13 pars
4 birdies
1 bogey
Currently T3 at -3 and 1 stroke off the lead.

Stinks for Hovland...I think he will be the next Cowboy to win a major. Although I hope Wolfe proves me wrong this weekend.

Go Pokes!

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