PFB - OSU Makes Top 5 for JUCO Offensive Lineman Tyrone Webber

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Feb 17, 2018
Recruiting during a time of conference realignment happenings is about to be put to the test for Mike Gundy and Co.

Junior college offensive tackle Tyrone Webber trimmed his list to five on Monday evening: Oklahoma State, Baylor, Ole Miss, Houston and Syracuse.

Top 5

(Recruitment still open)

— Tyrone Webber
(@Tyronewebber4) July 26, 2021

Originally from Canada, Webber received an OSU offer June 2. Less than two weeks later, he was named a first-team junior college All-American with the New Mexico Military Institute.

Listed at 6-foot-5, 290 pounds, Webber would be a solid get for the Cowboys’ 2022 class, a group that is in need of some linemen. The Pokes’ 2022 class ranks 25th in the country, but it has just one offensive lineman in it in Frisco three-star Austin Kawecki.

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