PFB - Oklahoma State Moves Up to No. 7 in College Football Rankings

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Feb 17, 2018
Oklahoma State flexed its defensive muscle once again on Saturday, returning from Lubbock with its first shutout of a Power 5 opponent since 1995. (On that trip the Pokes were returning from Norman.)

It seems like the College Football Playoff committee actually was watching. The win, plus losses OSU moved from No. 9 to No. 7 in this week’s ranking. With Oklahoma’s step up from 13th to 10th, it will make for a Top 10 Bedlam tilt in Stillwater this weekend. This is the highest OSU has been ranked since landing at No. 6 in Week 11 in 2015.

“With two big games still ahead of them, potentially,” said Kirk Herbstreit. “If they are able to knock off Oklahoma and get a shot to win a Big 12 championship, it really would be exciting to see what happens ahead of them.” Herbie went on to pontificate about a potential debate between a 12-1 Cowboys squad versus an undefeated Cincinnati.

FYI, OSU has already clenched a spot in the Big 12 title game, but a loss on Saturday would probably preclude the Pokes from a Final Four bid, regardless of whether or not they bring home hardware from Arlington.

Big 12 Teams

Three teams are still in the hunt for a Big 12 title and all three landed in the committee’s Top 10.

Oklahoma State — No. 7
Baylor — No. 8
Oklahoma — No. 10

Mike Gundy called it after his team’s road win over Tech.

“I bet we move up two spots. Don’t you? We’ll move up two spots,” said Gundy “… I don’t know how [the committee] sees all that. I guess they look at it somehow, but if I had to guess, we’ll move up two spots.”

Here are the full #CFBPlayoff selection committee rankings for games played through November 20 and as we head into rivalry week

Where does your team rank?

— College Football Playoff (@CFBPlayoff) November 24, 2021

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