PFB - Daily Bullets (Sept. 23): Who Can Make Bedlam Happen, Gundy’s Rant Turns 15

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
Thanks for stopping by – here’s your daily dose of Oklahoma State sports news.

OSU Bullets

Mike Gundy’s infamous rant turned 15 years old yesterday

• Pretty insightful take on the four groups who can make Bedlam Football happen in the future

• SEC talking head Paul Finebaum points to the fact that nobody should care about Bedlam – “that ain’t true, Pawl”:

The nice, little Bedlam game from last season averaged 6.5-million viewers, peaking at 7.7 million on ABC. Meanwhile, the premier SEC game in that time slot (Texas A&M at LSU) drew 2.4-million viewers on ESPN.


• This is a bummer for a coach – Arizona State’s Herm Edwards was reportedly backstabbed by his staff who was giving opponents information about their team. Oklahoma State was expected to beat them two weeks ago (and did) but you wonder if this helps explain their loss to Eastern Michigan.

• How realignment is changing college football in 20 maps

• What a coup here for Josh Holliday he replaces a former major league manager with a ten-year MLB veteran for a student assistant opening

• Those orange lights around Theta Pond the night of walkarounds and fall weather for the win.

That first day of fall feeling

— Oklahoma State Univ. (@okstate) September 22, 2022
Non-OSU Bullets

• Pretty wild to see this list of unisex names – Pat is No. 27!
• Be efficient at work but not in relationships (faith-based)

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