PFB - Daily Bullets (Sept. 21): Bedlam Football Will End

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Feb 17, 2018
Thanks for stopping by – here’s your daily dose of Oklahoma State sports news.

OSU Bullets

• News leaked yesterday from OSU and OU’s administrations that Bedlam Football will end when OU leaves for the SEC

  • Mike Gundy weighed in, and noted this wasn’t OSU’s call in the first place
  • Marshall Scott gave five thoughts to the topic, this one in particular resonates:

I get why it’s going away, and I get why some people are glad to see it gone (glad to see what OSU can do out of OU’s shadow). But the anticipation that lasts from Monday morning to kickoff on Saturday during Bedlam week is a special time, regardless of results. I’m going to miss it.


I totally get it too – the tradeoff of selling more tickets/more eyeballs for a game vs. the hit to losing a non-conference game and how much more OU fans will be after beating Oklahoma State and being in the SEC.

I personally need about a ten year break from seeing crimson and cream on a field but I hate the idea that my kids wouldn’t feel that sporting experience either.

• The 118th-best prospect in the 2023 basketball class is deciding today and the Pokes are in his top-three

• There are six players in the country with better Heisman odds than Cowboy quarterback Spencer Sanders

Spencer Sanders' Heisman Trophy Odds #OKState // @247Sports

✍️ via @BCrawford247

— Oklahoma State Cowboys on 247Sports (@OKState247) September 20, 2022

• ESPN made a list of the top hundred players in the NBA and two Cowboys made the top 35

This tirade does a pretty good job of lining out the problems on each side of the Bedlam-ending debate

Couple of fun Malcolm Rodriguez mentions – one of the top rookies by CBS and highest-graded run defender at linebacker in the NFL last week

NFL LBs with the highest run defense grades from Week 2:

1. Malcolm Rodriguez: 88.2
2. Devin Lloyd: 86.5

— PFF College (@PFF_College) September 20, 2022


1. Drake London
2. Garrett Wilson
3. Zion Johnson
4. Jahan Dotson
5. Travon Walker
6. Devin Lloyd
7. Malcolm Rodriguez
8. Derek Stingley Jr.
9. Aidan Hutchinson
10. Sauce Gardner

— CBS Sports HQ (@CBSSportsHQ) September 20, 2022
Non-OSU Bullets

• How to stop multi-tasking
• Questions Jesus asked (faith-based)

Sometimes words just perfectly describe a situation in sports:

One of the greatest scouting report one-liners ever about Murray. “He runs like a toddler that just stole their parents phone.”

Haven’t been able to unsee it since that.

— Jordan Reid (@Jordan_Reid) September 18, 2022

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