PFB - Daily Bullets (Oct. 25): Pokes Playing with Fire, Open Big Favorites Against KU

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Feb 17, 2018
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Soccer: Longhorns 2, Cowgirls 1

OSU Bullets

• If you’re still struggling with Saturday, Cowboy fans – you can keep looking at the spot or listen to Ted Lasso, he would say there’s a reason to be grateful.

Pokes opened a four-score favorite against the Jayhawks

The Pokes remained a top 15 team in both the Coaches and Associated Press polls after Saturday’s loss

Coming into Saturday’s game in Ames, two forces were in play:
1) the Cowboys are battle-tested and know how to win close games.
2) Playing that many close games is like playing with fire – eventually, you get burned.

The Cowboys had proved that grit in going 6-0, with none of the six games having come down Easy Street. Moral of the story: you can’t win ‘em all, close. Play ‘em all close, you’re going to lose, eventually.


• Iowa State Game Recap:
Ten Thoughts
Best and worst from the loss
Social media reaction

• This just makes the Brennan Presley catch in the end zone from Saturday all the more impressive – dude is 5’8″ and had high-level defenders surrounding him:

Just how good was Brennan Presley's 42-yard TD catch for #OKState?

That's the 2020 Big 12 Co-Defensive Freshman of the Year Isheem Young (left) and 3-time First Team All-Big 12 safety Greg Eisworth (right) in coverage.

: USA Today Sports

— Cody Nagel (@CodyNagel247) October 24, 2021

• Just thought this was interesting for Poke fans – just to see what it looks like when a program is absolutely mired in mediocrity. Plus some have kept an eye on Justin Fuente as a down-the-line Gundy successor

• Concerning the rankings mentioned above – the brand equity, recruiting, and conference affiliation is the explanation but it’s kind of wild when you look at it side-by-side.

* Loses by 3 on the road to an unranked 4-2 team as 17.5 point favorites, drops from 1 to 5 in the AP Poll

Oklahoma State:
* Loses by 3 on the road to an unranked 4-2 team as 7 point underdogs, drops from 8 to 15 in the AP Poll

— Sidelines – Oklahoma State (@SSN_OklahomaSt) October 24, 2021
Non-OSU Bullets

• The ambiguity effect and decision making
• I read one of my wife’s favorite books every year – finished my first Jane Austen recently. Four words: well-written, slow burn.
• The dark side of self-discipline (great faith-based piece for Type As)

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