PFB - Daily Bullets (Oct. 14): Gundy on Impending Realignment, Pokes’ Big 12 Title Odds

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Feb 17, 2018
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Men’s Golf: Pokes finished Fourth in Big 12 Match Play Tourney

OSU Bullets

Why Mike Gundy thinks realignment will happen again soon (soon-ish) and he’s not talking about this solid AAC-CUSA idea

Berry T. has the Pokes No. 2 in his power rankings – and looks at the possibility of OSU (and OU) making the CFP

Evaluating the Big 12 title odds – OSU is in the tier of “you’re doing well, are you up for this?” Knocking off another one of the contenders on Saturday would go a long way towards increasing those odds.

The Cowboys have a tremendous opportunity to make their official arrival in the Big 12 title race at Texas on Saturday. A win could solidify a path to the Big 12 Championship Game and alleviate some pressure from the result of the regular-season Bedlam game against rival Oklahoma.

[CBS Sports]

• Previewing the OSU-Texas game

• It’s pretty wild that OSU, with all the money OSU has, found the ideal coach 16 years ago and the Longhorns are still trying

• Advanced analytics shows the Pokes for what they are – the best defensive team in the Big 12 to this point. And apparently, that’s a result of some innovative recruiting (with the right coordinator).

According to Football Outsiders defensive FEI ratings Oklahoma State is 9th nationally (best in the Big12). ESPN’s SP+ defensive rankings have OkSt ranked 12th nationally (best in Big12). This reinvention is no aberration, Mike Gundy embraced position less football #HookEm #Horns

— Rod Babers (@rodbabers) October 13, 2021
Non-OSU Bullets

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Reviewing Season 2 of Ted Lasso
• Longing for what’s second-best (faith-based)

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