PFB - Daily Bullets (Nov. 28): Most Viewed of the Week, Beat the Red Raiders

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
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Three Thoughts

Berry T. is taking the Pokes by ten today – noting the Pokes have been taken down by inferior Tech teams over the last two years

Kasey Dunn’s got to figure out how to get this offense moving, how to get the guys in positions to succeed. It begs the question – is this all o-line centric or is it the playcaller?

CBS is taking the Pokes today with the 11 points

Two Quotes

“It’s like we tell our guys. No excuse. We’ve gotta find a way,” Dunn said. “The game, the ball, the stadium, the fans, they don’t care. You’ve gotta find a way to put the football in the end zone, and we didn’t do it.”


• Iowa State’s running back on why they can beat Texas – saying applies about OSU’s (recent) success over the Longhorns as well:

Breece Hall: "It’s five-star culture vs. five-star players."

— Travis Hines (@TravisHines21) November 27, 2020
One Question

• If you had 15 minutes to watch OSU sports would you rather watch the fourth quarter of an OSU football game or any point in a Cade Cunningham game?

Most Viewed of the Week

• No.1: Social media reaction to Bedlam

• No. 2: Ten Thoughts on a Bedlam loss

• No. 3: What Gundy had to say after Bedlam

• No. 4: PFB predicts the Bedlam game

• No. 5: Bedlam was nearly moved for Covid concerns

Non-OSU Bullets

The hunt for the original McDonald’s french fry recipe
• US will be the first to roll out a vacine

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