PFB - Daily Bullets (Nov. 23): Pokes are Bedlam Favorites, Not Big 12 Title Favorites

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Feb 17, 2018
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MBB: Pokes 96, Charleston 66

OSU Bullets

Cowboys open a narrow favorite over the Sooners in Bedlam – but don’t have the best odds to win the championship game

OSU leading the league in total offense, rushing offense and being top-three in scoring during conference play is amazing after their slow start – had to fact check just to believe it.

In conference games, #okstate leads the Big 12 in total offense and rushing offense and is third in scoring offense. #GoPokes

— OSU Stats and Information (@OSUStatsInfo) November 22, 2021

• As you continue to deal with ghosts of Bedlam past, here’s a comment from an unbiased third party on OSU and OU this year.

It’s a different Cowboys team playing a different brand of football against opponents who are still finding their way, Texas Tech and (yes) Oklahoma included.


What Mike Gundy had to say at his media luncheon – most notable comments were around being bearish on future Bedlam games

Malcolm Rodriguez was heinously snubbed for the linebacker of the year award – didn’t even make it as a finalist!

Bryce Williams had a monster slam last night:

#NewEra I @1kwillywil

— OSU Cowboy Basketball (@OSUMBB) November 23, 2021

• Not a bad addition with the retro OSU gear from Homefield here:

hey oklahoma state fans we heard you had a big game coming up this weekend so we added a new shirt to the site

— Homefield (@HomefieldApparl) November 22, 2021

• Obligatory OSU fall pics:

We hope you have a relaxing fall break and a great Thanksgiving, Cowboys!#okstate | #GoPokes

— Oklahoma State Univ. (@okstate) November 22, 2021
Non-OSU Bullets

Solid Advent resource for those celebrating (faith-based)

• I like this take on what “skill” actually is:

• I struggle with this sometimes – feels like there’s always more data/context needed:

A word of caution:

There is a certain kind of person for whom endless learning is a substitute for taking action.

If you want to be a deal-maker, better to start making deals.

You’ll make tons of mistakes, but that’s where the real learning actually happens.

— Moses Kagan (@moseskagan) November 22, 2021

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