PFB - Daily Bullets (May 3): Key Softball and Baseball Wins, the Legend of Jamal Fobbs

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
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Softball: Cowgirls 6, Texas 4
Baseball: Pokes 8, OU 7

OSU Bullets

• Doug Shivers and OKC Dave revisit one of the overlooked points of 90’s Cowboy Football – the Major Applewhite-level, criminal underuse of Jamal Fobbs

100%. 1999 stats

— Dave Hudson (@okc_dave) May 2, 2021

Cowgirl Softball locked up a sweep over top-ten UT in Austin yesterday – a program first

The beauty of Dillon Stoner’s game and how he was the last great player under legendary high school coach Allan Trimble

Josh Holliday’s Pokes scraped out a win over the Sooners yesterday

This article points out a great summary of the draft for OSU players – value picks taken later than anticipated

This is the essence of the NFL Draft – guys like Tylan Wallace making their dreams come true

Those shots of (Zaven) Collins and (Tylan) Wallace over the weekend? Those were literally years in the making. Witnessing the long-awaited payoff is just beautiful.

It’s like college football’s National Signing Day with caps, shirts and the occasional limo ride jazzing up the reveals, recruiting analysts racing each other to slobber over class excellence and college coaches all promising: “We filled every need.”

• Pretty wild to think about all of the new recruiting visits coming soon after so long doing it virtually

• This is the stuff that I struggle with when Pokes go pro – no way there were 15 better receivers than Tylan.

I’m no NFL scout but the idea that there are 15 better WR than Tylan Wallace is insanity. Somebody is going to get a hell of a football player tomorrow.

— Bryan Keating (@KOCOKeating) May 1, 2021
Non-OSU Bullets

• Favorable conditions never come
Fun look from Yahoo at the recruiting profiles of this year’s first-round NFL draft picks

Thought this excerpt from a piece on the OKC Thunder was just terrific sportswriting:

I always feel like I have to give several caveats when I talk about (Aleksej) Poku(sevski). Really any young player of promise who can’t do great things on a consistent basis. I’m qualifying everything, leading with the negative so I can end with the positive. I like good tastes in my mouth.

[The Ringer]

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