PFB - Daily Bullets (May 25): Pokes Fire Up for the Big 12 Tourney, Put Five on All-Big 12 Team

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
Thanks for stopping by – here’s your daily dose of Oklahoma State sports news.

OSU Bullets

• A conference-best five (!) Cowboys made the first team for All-Big 12 in baseball

on it

And that's just the first team #GoPokes

— OSU Cowboy Baseball (@osubaseball) May 24, 2022

Previewing this weekend’s super regional series when the Cowgirls take on No. 10 Clemson

The Pokes open their Big 12 tournament run today facing Texas – they head into the tournament in a different place than they thought a month ago:

OSU took a three-game sweep from Texas in Austin in the previous meeting between the programs this spring. The winner will advance to face either top-seed TCU or No. 8-seed Baylor at 4 p.m. Thursday with the Cowboys now chasing the momentum that dwindled over the last four weeks.


247 ranked the best games of the 2022 season and the Pokes made multiple appearances – at TCU is No. 87, Texas in Stillwater at No. 42, at Baylor is no. 16, and Bedlam in Norman is No. 8 in college football:

Now comes the hard part (for the Cowboys): winning two in a row for the first time in 20 years. The Cowboys are set on offense but the defense loses coordinator Jim Knowles to Ohio State after he coached the Pokes’ best defense in 30-plus years.

[247 Sports]

Idaho’s finest football recruit received an offer from Oklahoma State – Idaho-native Kasey Dunn’s fingerprints are all over this

• Judging by the way folks are talking about Kenny Pickett with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Mitch Trubisky as his primary competition, you really start to assume Mason Rudolph is on his way out or headed for the third quarterback spot

Non-OSU Bullets

• Action is everything
The coolest hotel in every state
• Surprised by this number – more than half of Americans live within an hour of extended family

I’m ok with this but don’t love it – Team Jabari.

ESPN’s @DraftExpress says NBA teams believe it’s “all but assured” Orlando will pick Jabari Smith Jr & the “overwhelming expectation” is OKC will draft Chet Holmgren.

He says Holmgren is thrilled.

Nobody ever knows what OKC will do. But Givony is very plugged in on the draft.

— Brandon Rahbar (@BrandonRahbar) May 24, 2022

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