PFB - Daily Bullets (May 14): Boynton Lands His Next Five-Star (Full Stop)

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
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OSU Bullets

• ICYMI – the Pokes landed Bryce Thompson yesterday, a former five-star guard transferring from Kansas

Let’s Work

— Bryce Thompson
(@B3thompson__) May 13, 2021

Other Bryce Thompson content:
– What the commitment means for OSU
– Could lead to another big-time transfer
– Social media reactions
– Where Bryce ranks all-time among Oklahoma high school players

• Cowboy Football has a corner on the market for Gatorade players of the year in-state after Kendall Daniels was named player of the year in Oklahoma

The past two Gatorade Oklahoma Football Player of the Year winners:

Kendal Daniels – Beggs

Brennan Presley – Bixby

— Cody Nagel (@CodyNagel247) May 13, 2021

Spencer Sanders was one of six Big 12 players to get Heisman odds

• What Mike Boynton has done in recruiting is unreal – just look at these numbers:

#OKState coach Mike Boynton has signed two five-star players and eight four-star players since November 2018 after the addition of Bryce Thompson today.

— Jacob Unruh (@jacobunruh) May 13, 2021

• A little remodel on the white maple:

White maple never looked so good.#NewEra I #GoPokes

— OSU Cowboy Basketball (@OSUMBB) May 14, 2021
Non-OSU Bullets

Selling hours
• The science behind building general skills
The sure mark of Christian maturity (faith-based)

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