PFB - Daily Bullets (Mar. 3): Bryce Williams Talks, Cade’s Don’t Grow On Trees

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Feb 17, 2018
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Baseball: Pokes 7, Mo State 0
Men’s Tennis: Pokes 7, Nebraska at Omaha 0

OSU Bullets

Five Thoughts from Monday night’s big win over the Sooners

• Will Bryce Williams return for a bonus year? Here are his words on the question:

“I just haven’t made up my mind yet,” Williams said. “It’d be great to come back, but I still dislike school a lot.”


• It’s necessary to look at how talented Cade Cunningham is from all angles:

This wouldn’t be as big of a bother if OU had someone like Cunningham, but nobody outside OSU does.

Not Iowa, with Luka Garza. Not Baylor, with Jared Butler. Not Gonzaga, with Jalen Suggs.

Wonderful players, absolutely, but none with the variety of tools in Cunningham’s kit.


• Revisiting Chuba Hubbard and Tylan Wallace’s draft stock

How OSU figures into the recruitment of four-star guard Gradey Dick

Superlatives from the Bedlam series sweep – Bonus Bedlam piece: Mike Boynton’s comments from after the Bedlam game are worth your time

• Swing by HCS for an interview our own Kyle Boone did talking Cowboy Basketball and Kendal Daniels:

Talked with @Kyle__Boone from @pistolsguys about #OKState being the hottest team in the #Big12, landing Kendal Daniels and more offseason football! Full conversation here!

— Heartland College Sports (@Heartland_CS) March 2, 2021
Non-OSU Bullets

• Did UCLA really turn down Michael Jordan?
Solid list of fiction writers to check out (faith-based)

Pretty spot-on here for what it’s like growing up in a small town:

Small towns be like

— Trey Kennedy (@TreyNKennedy) March 2, 2021

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