PFB - Daily Bullets (June 23): Cade’s Destination (Surely) Known, Encouraging Signs in a Bad Offense

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
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OSU Bullets

Cade Cunningham will (surely) be in Detroit come the end of July – and he’ll be the highest draft pick in OSU history when he does. Mike Boynton has full confidence he’ll go No. 1 overall

If the Detroit Pistons take Cade Cunningham first overall, he will be the highest draft pick in #okstate program history.

Bob Harris is OSU's current highest pick. He went third in 1949 … to the Fort Wayne Pistons.

— Marshall Scott (@MarshallScottOK) June 23, 2021

• ESPN analyst Bill Connelly dug into the numbers – the 2020 Cowboy Football offense was the worst since 2005… but there were encouraging signs from the next layer of offensive skill talent

No idea what to think about the Ok St offense this year.

Worst OSU O since ’05 until about the last month, then random youngsters had random great games. D. Jackson 353 rush yds in 2 gms, D. Richardson 169 in 1, B. Presley huge bowl game. Big promise in teeny tiny samples.

— Bill Connelly (@ESPN_BillC) June 22, 2021

• Mike Boynton added three new assistants this off-season – here’s where they’re from and where they’ll be recruiting for orange and black

• A four-star point guard in the 2022 class is digging the Pokes

• Here’s the update from yesterday on the 12-Team College Football Playoff news:

We’re still on track for 12-team playoff. @CFBPlayoff board authorizes management committee to begin summer review phase of new format discussing w/“people on our campuses: student-athletes, athletics directors, faculty athletics reps, coaches & university presidents/chancellors”

— Brett McMurphy (@Brett_McMurphy) June 22, 2021

• Sweet film of Marcus Smart playing high school ball – he was just a man among boys (and still is in the NBA):

Marcus Smart in High School

— (@Ballislife) June 22, 2021
Non-OSU Bullets

• The Picasso Principle
• The gift of a distracted dad (faith-based)

Seeing OKC land with the No. 6 pick last night was a bummer – 25 percent odds in the worst way that came true. But Berry T. brings in some sunshine:

Presti has put the Thunder in good position. He’s got three first-round picks and Kemba Walker to dangle for draft-position improvement. Plus all those future first-round picks — 15 in the next six years. It’s not crazy to think OKC could squirm its way into the top four or five.


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