PFB - Daily Bullets (June 11): 12 Teams Being Considered, OSU’s All-Time Defense

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
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OSU Bullets

• College Football is considering expanding to 12 teams in the College Football Playoff – Why? “Follow the money.”

Bonus point – I agree with Haisten here – no reason to go to more than eight teams.

Amen, Cedric. The eight-team model would be perfect.

— Bill Haisten
(@billhaisten) June 11, 2021

• Somehow Mason Rudolph made the news saying he wants to start in 2022 (when he’s the only Steelers QB under contract)

• The All-Time OSU dream defense here was good – that cornerback depth chart is legit

• Boynton had an in-state four-star 2023 guard on campus yesterday:

God is good
! Wanna give a big thanks to the @OSUMBB entire coaching staff for a great unofficial visit. You guys made us feel like family the moment we stepped on campus. My son @jeremiah22pg truly enjoyed himself #BeDifferent

— Coach Jeremy Johnson (@coachj2023) June 11, 2021

• Congrats to Cowboy Tennis for landing a new head coach.

Welcome to #okstate, coach!

— OSU Cowboy Tennis (@CowboyTennis) June 10, 2021

Austin Eckroat is starting his pro career off well – signed a deal with Ping also

Welcome to the professional ranks, @AustinEckroat!#okstate | #golfschool

— OSU Cowboy Golf (@OSUCowboyGolf) June 10, 2021
Non-OSU Bullets

• Build a learning engine
Tough (but good) piece on grieving within the Christian faith (faith-based)

“Instead of feeling that you’ve blown the day and thinking, “I’ll get back on track tomorrow,” try thinking of each day as a set of four quarters: morning, midday, afternoon, evening. If you blow one quarter, you get back on track for the next quarter.

Fail small, not big.”

Author Gretchen Rubin on how to rebound from a mistake​

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