PFB - Daily Bullets (July 22): Conference Realignment and the Pokes

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
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OSU Bullets

OSU with back-to-back historic classes in Cowboy Football – getting the gang together for upper class Gunnar Gundy, right?

• Moussa Cisse is officially a Cowboy!

How many shots at the rim are getting past this guy in GIA? Rich man’s Yankuba Sima?


— Moussa Cisse 33 (@moussacisse224) July 21, 2021

OU and Texas have reportedly reached out to the SEC about joining
– What it would mean to OSU
– worst afternoon of work I’ve had in a while mulling that over. March Madness bad

Here’s the report that triggered it all:

Citing “a high-ranking college official with knowledge of the situation,” the Chronicle reports that the SEC could announce the additions of the Longhorns and Sooners “within a couple of weeks.”

[CBS Sports]

More content:
OSU issued a statement that could be translated – “we’re fighting this move”. Oklahoma legislature ain’t letting OU leave OSU, right?
Yahoo Sports puts it into context for the sport and looks at different parties
– Texas blog citing sauces that it’s a done deal and that OU and Texas declining an extension of rights after the 2024 season will kick things off

Also, this may be one of my favorite takes:

Is there any precedent for a school getting booted from a conference in hopes to add a better school?

Like if Texas and Oklahoma wanted OSU to tag along, could the SEC actually be like, 'Hey Missouri, kick rocks?'

I would imagine Missouri would be able to fight that, no?

— Marshall Scott (@MarshallScottOK) July 21, 2021

• I’ll take all the underpriced stock out there on the Green twins playing wide receiver for OSU

Update on monster Edmond Santa Fe defenders in Stillwater – on a related note, Calvin Bundage was cut by the Steelers

OSU swapped one defensive stalwart for another on the coaching staff

Non-OSU Bullets

• True leaders are teachable (faith-based)
Maximizing in-office days with hybrid work
• The fire that forged Giannis stories leaking out about the poverty he’s come through are ruining me

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