PFB - Daily Bullets (Jan. 26): Why Derek Mason is Available for the Pokes, OSU’s All-American Target

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
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OSU Bullets

The Pokes landed a commitment from a Stillwater lineman yesterday

• Guerin Emig looked at the dysfunction at Auburn and why Derek Mason is available (and interviewing with OSU)

• There’s one college basketball recruit named a McDonald’s All-American uncommitted – and he’s projected to land in Stillwater

A big time playmaker and passer off the dribble, (Anthony) Black has become much more athletic over the last season and his size presents big problems. Gonzaga and Oklahoma State have been brought up the most with him, but the G League is trying hard as well.

[247 Sports]

• The tale of offensive coordinator saving wrestler A.J. Ferrari is a spectacular one – John and Dave Smith talked with the media about the accident

"I don't know how many people would go to a car that was on fire and try to pull someone out, but I'm sure glad Coach Dunn was there."

OK State Wrestling Coach John Smith discussing Kasey Dunn's heroic actions last night.

— Cayden McFarland (@caydenmc) January 25, 2022

• You have to imagine Mike Gundy drawing attention to the amount of investment needed for the football program isn’t ideal for an athletic director but man, the guy has done a great job of bringing in good kids:

“The culture that Coach Gundy has built here … He brings in really good young people. We don’t have problems. They graduate. They stay involved with the program. There’s so much that is good. He deserves that credit.”


• 247 says how OSU replaces Jim Knowles will be the biggest factor of their success this fall

• This is awesome – the Cowgirls are projected to finish No. 2 in the country per Softball America:

The Preseason Top 25 is

— Softball America (@SoftbalAmerica) January 25, 2022

What an incredible reality – hands down the toughest conference in college basketball:

Big 12 standings? NOPE. Division 1 men’s basketball remaining strength of schedule!

— Heartland College Sports (@Heartland_CS) January 26, 2022
Non-OSU Bullets

• Why does Steve Sarkisian ($34m salary) need a special assistant?
• Josh Giddey is good at passing
• Appreciated this Biblical insight on createdness (faith-based)

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