PFB - Daily Bullets (Feb. 27): Most Viewed of the Week, Beat the Sooners

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
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Mrs. Bullets left town for a work trip at 5pm on Thursday – here’s a live shot of yours truly getting out of bed this AM to corral three kiddos:

Steven Adams tried it

— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) February 25, 2021

Baseball: Pokes 3, Illinois St 2
Softball: Cowgirls beat LSU twice

Three Thoughts

Bedlam Basketball is just so much fun – today’s game in Norman will be a terrific prequel to Cade’s final chapter in Stillwater

This is Bedlam.@Phillips66Gas I #NewEra

— OSU Cowboy Basketball (@OSUMBB) February 27, 2021

• ESPN listed their top-60 college quarterbacks since 2000 and Mason Rudolph made an appearance at No. 53 one spot AHEAD of Patrick Mahomes!

• Gosh I would love it if the Pokes could get back in on this guy – four-star, 2021 safety from Beggs who was let out of his NLI by Texas A&M

Two Quotes

• It’s not the best news that Isaac Likekele has another injury:

#OKState coach Mike Boynton said junior guard Isaac Likekele's foot is better, but added Likekele hurt his hand Monday against Texas Tech and has been limited in practice this week ahead of Bedlam.

— Cody Nagel (@CodyNagel247) February 26, 2021

• Here’s the Cowboy coaching alum who would have been perfect to bring in for special teams – I imagine Georgia could have outbid the Pokes though:

Source: #Georgia is hiring #Louisiana special teams coordinator Robby Discher as a special teams analyst. Previously held special teams roles at Toledo and Oklahoma State. Nice addition for Kirby Smart and Scott Cochran. @ChrisVannini first reported the move.

— Adam Rittenberg (@ESPNRittenberg) February 26, 2021
One Question

• For the 2020-21 athletic season, would you rather: win both Bedlam basketball games or just the Bedlam football game?

Most Viewed of the Week

• No. 1: OU lands OSU tight end target

• No. 2: Five thoughts on the OT win over Texas Tech

• No. 3: Big 12 hammered the Pokes with this reschedule

• No. 4: The implications of winning Bedlam Wrestling

• No. 5: Gundy offered a 2023 quarterback from Austin

Non-OSU Bullets

Fun list of inspirational Dr. Seuss quotes – could see half of these up on the walls of Michael Scott’s office

• Not really my jam but interesting thoughts from a societal perspective on “how to get rich” (NYT)

Solid short, faith-based piece from Ed Welch on the Psalms and spiritual staleness

“Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise; seek what they sought. Seek the meaning behind their footsteps, and not upon the steps themselves”.

Matsuo Bashō​

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