PFB - Daily Bullets (Feb. 22): Five Defining Games for the Pokes’ Season, Beat the Red Raiders

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Feb 17, 2018
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Wrestling: Pokes 24, Sooners 16
Baseball: Pokes 3, Wichita State 1
Softball: Cowgirls beat A&M Corpus 11-0 and Tarleton State 12-4
Men’s Golf: Pokes finish second in Florida
Men’s Tennis: Lost to Pepperdine 5-2
Equestrian: Lost to TCU 14-5

OSU Bullets

Pokes take on Texas Tech tonight in Stillwater – one of two last chances to see Cade in Stillwater!

Some Cowboys did well at the Genesis Classic this weekend – Viktor Hovland finished T5, Alex Noren and Talor Gooch T12, and Rickie Fowler T20

This sentiment from Fran is spot on – the next five games are massive for the Cade Era and the Mike Boynton Era

Biggest 5-game stretch of the Mike Boynton Era at @OSUMBB starting on Big Monday with No. 15 @TexasTechMBB coming to town. Then home & home with @OU_MBBall & finish at @BaylorMBBb & @WVUhoops Even 3 of 5 wins & they are talk of country. Oh, and @CadeCunningham_ is the “deal.”

— Fran Fraschilla (@franfraschilla) February 21, 2021

• Is Avery Anderson the most fun Cowboy to watch?

Marcus Smart is eyeing a return after the All-Star Break from calf injury

• If you re-ranked the 2018 football recruiting classes in the Big 12, Pokes’ class flounders after a wave of transfers – KHP and Tyler Lacy have been hits though!

Solid profile here on Mike Boynton

Non-OSU Bullets

Football is back – FCS season kicked off this weekend
• Not a soccer guy but this old piece on how good Lionel Messi was is good

I really like this take:

When a student recommends a song to me, I put a note in my calendar to have listened to it before I see them again

I think life is the small things

Reading the article
Listening to the song
Remembering the job interview
Watching the episode

Practice seeing people

— Heather Thompson Day (@HeatherTDay) February 20, 2021

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