PFB - Daily Bullets (Aug. 6): System Fits Over Talent, OSU’s More Underrated Game

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Feb 17, 2018
Thanks for stopping by – here’s your daily dose of Oklahoma State sports news.

Three Thoughts

• It’s so crazy that the Pokes are picked to finish third in the league but only have one of PFF’s top-25 draft-eligible prospects in the Big 12system knowledge and discipline/toughness > talent?

Side note: don’t sleep on Brock Martin – just look at the guy in this bottom picture.

Iowa State in Stillwater is an underrated game on the Big 12 slate this fall – another revenge match after the conference opener in Waco

Somebody’s going to pile up stats in fronts like this:

Imagine this…#OKState lines up with a four-man front — Brock Martin [DE], Sione Asi [DT], Brendon Evers [DT], Tyler Lacy [DE] — while Trace Ford and Collin Oliver are positioned as "linebackers" that could rush or drop back in coverage.

I think it could happen.

— Cody Nagel (@CodyNagel247) August 5, 2022
Two Quotes

• I don’t know how sincere Hunter Woodard is but I like hearing this out of fall camp about the offensive line:

“We were definitely in a rough spot in the spring,” veteran Hunter Woodard said. “It was hard on us, but I think the bright side of it was the young guys got a lot of reps and they got to grow a lot.

“Now that we’ve got that new group in, a few more transfers, we’re looking really good as a group and we’re confident going forward.”


• An instant classic.

Remember when @OSUBaseball scored 43 runs in one day? #BestOfD1

“That’s probably the most remarkable day of competition I’ve ever been associated with." – @joshhollidayosu

Read (Free):

— D1Baseball (@d1baseball) August 5, 2022
One Question

• This is the question of fall camp:

The two most important names for #OKState football in 2022 are ____ and ____.

Who do you think? ⬇️⬇️

— Cody Nagel (@CodyNagel247) August 2, 2022
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