PFB - Daily Bullets (Aug. 1): Loads of Cade and Crootin’ Content

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
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Cade Bullets

Cade will wear his No. 2 jersey with the Pistons, a number that was previously retired in honor of Hall of Fame coach Chuck Daly. [PFB]

• Cade is already making the rounds in Motor City. An aside: the MotorCade moniker is growing on me.

.@CadeCunningham_ to @Casey_Mize.

The future is here.

— Detroit Tigers (@tigers) July 30, 2021

• This made me laugh.

OSU Bullets

• It’s unclear exactly how many spots he’ll have available, but Mike Boynton continues to extend offers and OSU continues to make Top Whatever lists for the 2022 class. The latest player to include OSU in his Top 6 was 2022 guard Bryce Lindsay. [PFB]

• Boynton also offered an exciting prospect in high-flyer and fast-riser Justyn Fernandez. [PFB]

• Gundy and Co. hosted a Mini Camp on Saturday and several offers came out of it. [PFB]

• Gundy is growing more patient entering his 17th year at the helm. [The Oklahoman]

• Ohhh?

Chuba Hubbard among the players practicing returning kickoffs. David Moore, Trenton Cannon also out there.

— Alaina Getzenberg (@agetzenberg) July 31, 2021

• More on OU-Texit’s effect on Bedlam. Doug has some thoughts.

.@OU_Athletics has done irreparable harm to their brother institution. They have played in the same league since 1920, played football since 1910 and chosen money over all of it all while acting like this hadn’t been planned since the new SEC deal was done

— Doug Gottlieb (@GottliebShow) July 31, 2021
Non-OSU Bullets

• This on where the Olympics should go with golf was
. [CBS Sports]
• How the pandemic affected students in math and reading (which reinforced my push to make my daughter read by herself). [Fast Company]

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