OSUConstruction.com Photo Update - 9/27/07

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Deadliest Photographer On The Planet
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Jun 1, 2006
Orange People,

"I wanna talk about this photo update right here. If anybody hasn't seen these photos yet, I don't look at them, but these were posted by a photographer, with a camera. I think these are worth looking at.

Let me tell you why I want you to look at these pictures. 3/4th's of these are good pictures. It's digital. And, these pictures empower me to be involved with athletics, tremendously. And these pictures had to have been taken by a person who doesn't have a tripod...and has never HAD A TRIPOD that's stabilized a camera and made the photo...straight. And had to deal with a tripod, when it isn't straight. And push the shutter release down.

Here's all these photos did. They show the construction...they show the facilities...THEY SHOW THE STADIUM...and they're good photos. These are not professional photos and they don't deserve to be hung in Gardener Gallery. If you take pictures someday, you'll understand how it feels, but you obviously don't have a camera. I do.

If you take a picture down your street, and somebody makes fun of it because your exposure was too high and blown out...or says it's photoshopped...and it comes out not looking like the scene you were looking at...you'd understand.

But you haven't had that. But someday you will, and when your picture is posted, you'll understand.

If you want to go after a photo, ONE OF MY PHOTOS!!!! You go after one that wasn't processed properly. You don't downgrade it because it was processed right and may not look as good as someone else's shot, and you let me make that decision! That's why I don't share my pictures with the Daily Oklahoman...because it's garbage! And the editor that will never see them, is garbage! Attacking an amateur photographer for taking photos in the night.

And then you want to praise photos that weren't processed right and downgrade 'em...the ones that are well processed. Are you kidding me? Where are we at in society today? COME AFTER ME!!! I'm the f'ing Ninja!!! I'm not 40!!!! And I'm not a kid!!!! Post something about me, or the admins. Don't post about a photo that was taken at night, that's link is broken, and then say that the Ninja said it was Photoshopped. THAT AIN'T TRUE!!!! And then to say that I stole the photo from another website...THAT'S NOT TRUE!!!!

So get your facts straight. And I hope that someday you post a photo and somebody downgrades them and belittles them and you have to reply back to them and say 'You know what? That's OK. They're supposed to be good pictures but their really not.'

Who's the Ninja here? Who's the Ninja here, are you kidding me? That's all I got to say...makes me want to puke."



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Oct 13, 2004
Ninja! Ninja! Ninja!

Man, I think our construction pictures are about to get way better and primarily because of Ninja’s protection of his photographic processes!



Federal Marshal
Aug 2, 2005
Edmond, OK
Ninja, I agree with the message, but I just think it should have been done through PM. Putting this out in a Thread for all to see just wasn't very professional.
Jan 1, 2007
I must say your color management is solid, your exposure is solid and...oh man..:x I could go on but...I don't have to. Great shots! :D