OSU Men's Basketball Yearly Statistics

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Jun 14, 2011
I have been working on this for a while and did a little tweaking today on some down time. The chart should be self explanatory, but the quick breakdown is these are the major stats for every year since the 2000/2001 season. All the numbers came from the official OSU athletics page (https://okstate.com/sports/2015/8/21/MBB_0821151355.aspx?path=mbball). Hopefully the green and red numbers are obvious. Was going to make the better stat orange, but its a bit too close to the negative crimson... :p

My plan is to keep this up to date moving forward and post it at the end of each season. Also, I would appreciate any feedback on the format or additional stats, etc. that everyone thinks would be good/applicable to add or modify. If I get the time and actual interest, I might go pull the NCAA rankings for some of the selected categories, though that could be a time sink. Though, it would be neat to see where we rank among all the Division 1 teams on many of these areas.

On to a few thoughts after looking at everything side by side.
1. That margin of victory on the final 4 team... MMMMmmmm...
2. The Eddie early 2000 teams were shockingly poor at the charity stripe.
3. It felt like we led the country in turnovers this year, so I was surprised to see turnover numbers under Eddie. Especially with his quick hook. And the turnovers in the Sean years, yikes.
4. Outside of Marcus Smart and Markel Brown, how did we keep Ford for so long. Yes, yes, I know why.
5. This years team was the second best rebounding group.
6. Boynton's second year was tough.