OSU at DBU Tuesday

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Apr 14, 2009
For what it worth Annie.
I agree with your premise.
Tho DBU won that game because they made great plays.last night. It was DBU’s day.
Mar 17, 2006
Edmond, Ok
It’s like Chess… no rush so Walton or Holiday need to strategize with team so one HR hit doesn’t beat you. You were in favor of loading the bases in one of the prior games so why not load the bases so any base is an out?
Loading the bases against OU was necessary because there was already a runner at 3rd. So you back fill the bases to set up a force out and hopefully double play (there was one out). The game was tied, so those extra runners don't matter anyway. If they score, you've already lost.

This situation, the runner was only at first with two outs. If you move him to second for free and give a runner to at first, it takes just a single to tie or a double to beat you. You have to make them in earn it, which they iunfortunately did.
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Nov 10, 2009
Rounding third and heading for Omaha
You know, looking at it a 2nd time, if Dallas Baptist wins their final two conference series (which are against decent competition), I would definitely give Dallas Baptist a host over Gonzaga. Just my opinion.
Good point. Assuming their RPI is still in good shape and they win the league (when I looked yesterday, it appears they're going to need some help even if they win out), they should get a regional whether Gonzaga does or not. On the other hand, I don't think they will if they don't win the Mo Valley. Right or wrong, that's always been the burden the mid majors have to bear.

I can't help but think Gonzaga is being propped up by their preseason expectations and the sweep in Stillwater. (Guessing the prognosticators are maybe also assuming/hoping for a second west coast regional).

But you're right. DBU is better in every metric - 6 vs 26 RPI, 14-11 vs 4-4 against Q1, 3 vs. 75 SOS, etc. You could make a similar argument for Georgia Southern.

Speaking of Gonzaga, I haven't really followed them since they played OSU, but if those pitchers can throw for a weekend like they did in Stillwater, that's not a team I'd want to face in a best of 3 super.
Mar 17, 2006
Edmond, Ok
Parish has been struggling mightily for Tech as their closer, might be a blessing for them.

Their pitching staff has been disappointing overall, except for Birdsell, hopefully we continue our offensive surge this weekend.