Orange Power Tailgate - Bedlam 2021

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Oct 26, 2003
Carl Junction, MO
Where - Our spot on the South side of Ag Hall
When -Most all day
Who - Anybody/everybody.
Menu -A lot of various kinds of Chili. - Hot - Mild - beef - venison - etc. We should have everybody covered.

Kickoff time is 6:30 PM. Due to a lot of outside time drains which caused me to not post the tailgate flyer for TCU, I'm posting this prior to the Tech game. I'm hoping it is not jinx of anything, but even when the teams aren't great, this is always a big deal. I'm hoping the weather cooperates. Come and join the fun.

The tailgate will start with our not so normal Premier League watch party. I will be on site at about 6 AM to start getting everything in place so we can watch some pre-football football. Anybody that wants to join is more than welcome. If you have been curious about it, want to learn a bit of the sport, or just get a head start on your party day, this is great fun.

We tend to have some nibbles ready around noon. Any OU fans that are coming to Stillwater, feel free to stop by the tailgate. We always welcome opposing fans and have never had any issues. General rule, act like a decent human being and you will be treated like gold. That doesn't just fit for our tailgate, that is mostly the norm all over campus.

Scholarship drive for 2021: Since the 2012 season, the generosity of people donating has allowed us to donate at least $1000 to OSU for scholarships after every season except last year. This year it looks like the tailgate will barely be self sufficient, so a large tailgate donation is unlikely, but any money over and above what is needed to pay for the food will go to the University.

Additional notes:
  • While we aren't responsible for enforcing the no tobacco rules on campus, most people appreciate being smoke free. So if you wish to smoke, please move away from the tents to do so. We had a couple instances in prior years of people smoking under or right next to the tents. Not a good situation. Please respect those around you in their choice to be smoke free.