Opponent Preview: Tulsa Offense

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Jul 5, 2020
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I'm not quite sure what happened to Brin Davis last week against UCD, but I'll say this much about him based on my attendance at last year's Tulane game: He looks to me like he could present quite a problem for us, particularly in 3rd and medium to long situations. He's a little ugly doing it, but I commented to a friend at the time that he just seemed to find a way to get it done in a strange way the Baker Mayfield did in college. No, I'm not saying he's another Baker Mayfield, just that during that game he did some pretty remarkable things to bring that team back. Again, I don't know what happened last week. Maybe Tulane was a one-hit wonder kind of game and he's really nothing, but if he rebounds from last week, someone better keep an eye on him.


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Nov 14, 2010
UC Davis had the ball for close to 12 1/2 minutes longer than Tulsa so I'm sure that didn't help Davis in getting in a rhythm.

It's one thing spot relieving, it's another to prepare an entire off season as the starter in terms of pressure.

UC Davis returned over 20 starters so they knew how to not beat themselves.

Tulsa ran for 161 more yards than UC Davis and out gained them by 49 yards but still lost the time of possession battle by almost an entire quarter.

3 turnovers, 122 yards in penalties, and going 2 for 11 on 3rd down will do to that.

Tulsa also had 6 players out due to the brawl they got into with Miss. St. In their bowl game last year and 3 more that were suspended for a half.

Dan Hawkins is the UC Davis head coach so he knows how to field a team.
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Apr 12, 2020
If it all depends on them getting movement out of the power run game, we should be alright. But they do have a sneaky good oline, featured with our old friend Bryce Bray

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