OK HS football (Jenks-Union) WB drama

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Mar 11, 2006
Couple of very recent big stories adding to Jenks v Union football rivalry

1) Freshman starting OL from Jenks, Jesse Jones, transferred to Union last month when his dad got a job coaching at Union.

2) QB Shaker Reisig, who won a state title leading the Trojans to the state title as a freshman, surprisingly moved to Union last week. Shaker had D1 offers before his freshman year began.

3) Not to be outdone, today one of the highest ranked QBs in the 2026 class from California, Jackson Presley, announced he is moving to Jenks. He will be a freshman and already has offers from Florida State, A&M, Oregon, and Arizona among others.
His dad was a starting Jenks QB in the 90s.
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Oct 27, 2003
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What will their excuses be when they both lose to Bixby?
Well, Bixby did ALSO got a QB move-in from Owasso (Austin Havens). He was a 2-year starter at Owasso. And their probable starting RB is a move-in from Jenks.
Havens got benched at the end of the year by Adam’s who is being heavily recruited by Bama. Havens family has a history of high school shopping

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