Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Texas

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Nov 6, 2010
Resident "Gundy hater" and troll, here. Just wanted to follow up with my thoughts after this game for those who don't have me on ignore.

1. I said last week that this game would be our first real indicator of how good this team is. All games before should have been pretty easy wins. This one was different. I stand by that statement even though Texas won't even be ranked this week, and have come away impressed with our team (especially the defense). It's one thing to do it against Boise or KSU with a backup QB. It's another to do it to Texas in Austin. Yes, we've owned them there, but nothing diminishes the obvious David vs Goliath battle taking place every time we play them. What a fantastic way to send them off to the SEC.

2. I'm slowly starting to embrace our identity more, even if its a more boring style of football. Our defense actually is good enough to lean on this year. Coupled with the beastly running of Warren, and it makes us tough to beat. I don't ever get hyped up about any aspect of our team based on coaches or media comments from the offseason like many of our fans do. Seems like every year we have the "best defense ever" or whatever, but it never pans out. I want evidence from games, not hype. These guys are living up to the hype so far, and they deserve major credit.

My biggest concern with this style is that we're basically one-dimensional. If a team is able to shut down the run (the best teams probably can), they could easily beat us. I'd like to see us play a more balanced, dink and dunk style to mitigate the risk of getting shut down, but whatever.... it's worked so far.

3. Our kicker looks solid as a rock. Really liked what I saw yesterday in a relatively hostile environment with a lot of pressure. If Gundy wants to play this style forever, though, we'll need to start recruiting more Dan Bailey and Quinn Sharp types, because FGs become more important when we can't score TDs on every other drive.

4. Hopefully Tay Martin got those drops out of his system, because they really, really impacted our game negatively (obviously). I won't write him off. It was one game, and his talent seems legit. He needs to put this one behind him and move on, and SS/staff will hopefully trust him to do just that. We'll need him to come up big in the last few games.

5. I liked our use of PA and misdirection in this game. It appeared to be well-utilized and well-timed. Hopefully we'll see more and more of that, because we look good doing it.

6. SS should only be throwing on the run from here on out.

7. We still need to find a way to keep Warren from carrying 35 times. He's fantastic, and I saw the need for it yesterday given the game situation. I just wish we could figure out a way to NOT be in that situation in the first place. Looked like we were trying, though. Probably related to Tay Martin's drops early in the game, or else we're probably not in that situation.
Not sure why we're not getting Richardson more touches. I know Warren has been productive, but Richardson looks good when he gets in as well. I honestly don't think there's that much of a drop off there.
Aug 31, 2004
Austin, TX
I couldn’t even finish reading that. It was like a high schooler tried to write a paper about why his favorite player should get the Heisman.

Grade: D-
Lacks proper citation.
The thesis isn’t convincing.
Author’s bias is showing like the tits of a drunk coed with daddy issues at Mardis Gras.
Good grief, he made it sound like Robinson rushed for 300 yards. I love how he says that Robinson's performance is what allowed them to keep pace (with the second lowest scoring team in the conference.) The dude was a non-factor in the second half.
Aug 31, 2004
Austin, TX
One of my favorite comments from the burntorangenation game thread:
Recruit Manning at the Game Today
Maybe we can impress him in the 2nd Half

I'm sure Arch was quite impressed with the Texas offense having 4 straight 3-and-outs followed by back-to-back turnovers to end the game.

And from an earlier article on the same website:
Each year, there’s that one blowout recruiting weekend when Texas hosts a small army of recruits. That’s happening this Saturday.
He probably sees early playing time.
Aug 31, 2004
Austin, TX
Biggest play- Taylor Pick6, instead of 24-3 made it 17-10, huge 14 pt swing

best coach- Glass , our guys were fresh. 6-7 times in the game Horns we’re down after a play ; OSU none , zero. Never had a player on the turf hurt or winded
Another huge play was Malcolm planting Thompson down by their end zone. The horns seemed to wilt after that.


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Feb 28, 2007
You have been labeled as a hater by the Gundy Gestapo, and there's literally nothing you can say going forward that will change that. All of your posts will be interpreted negatively, regardless of your intent.
Not even close. I thought his comment came off as little brotherish. If I was wrong I am sorry @donnieh
You have a earned reputation of being negative, hating gundy and being a troll.