NOK - OSU football Q&A: Brandon Weeden discusses the value of spring ball and why the Tim Rattay hire was a 'home run'

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018

By Scott Wright
Staff writer

STILLWATER — Former Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden saw spring practice from every vantage point during his Cowboy career: from the bottom rung on the depth chart to the top.

With OSU and everyone else in college football losing spring workouts to the coronavirus pandemic, Weeden offered some insight into what the players and coaches will be missing.

Spring was going to be important for the Cowboys, with quarterback Spencer Sanders returning from injury and Kasey Dunn taking over as offensive coordinator.

Weeden also got some brief but intense work with OSU’s new quarterbacks coach Tim Rattay long before Rattay was hired by Mike Gundy over the winter.


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