No more Bedlam

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Jun 24, 2005
I’m cool with NIL as this is America, and players should be able to profit if somebody is willing to pay them.

I’m okay with the transfer portal. Again, this is America.

I hate to see the loss of the traditional rivalries as that is what made college football so special.
I'm not a big pro football guy.


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May 2, 2007
With that logic our rival should be Houston with all our alumni there to run into Cougars
LOL. I’m not sure Houston has fans. I’ve been down here for two years now and haven’t met a single one. It’s all Agg’s and Horn’s. The two Houston grads I work with are both UT fans. I was like “wait, you graduated from Houston… and Houston has been better than UT the last couple years… but you’re still UT fans?!??! That makes no sense.”

It is nice seeing oSu/Pistol Pete stickers and license plates pretty much daily down here though. Can’t wait to get primo tickets to the first game down here against The Coogs.
Apr 7, 2006
I disagree. It is very apparent that our new administration is all about our football program competing at the highest level. Gundy has stated on multiple occasions that he's never been happier and made statements confirming their desire to keep Ok State football on par with the big boys moving forward. Think of it like this, would Gundy at his age and the success he's already accomplished at Oklahoma State really be hanging around if he knew Ok State was going to be middle of the pack moving forward?
I didn't say middle of the pack. I said we're at the pinnacle.
Mar 29, 2014
Our hatred for OU was earned from many years of brutal beatings. When I was young, the OSU children would line up to get the OU players autographs. We now have a very good team but with no National Championships and only one Conference Championship in over 20 years, how good are we? I still think we are really good but not sure we are perceived as such.
Nov 27, 2007
Our hatred for OU was earned from many years of brutal beatings.
Incorrect. Our respect for OU was earned from many years of brutal beatings.

Our hatred was developed by dealing with:

Their jackass fans
The local media
The Sooner Marching Band
The Bozz, Joe Mixon, Baker Mayonnaise
Big Red Sports and Imports.
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Feb 10, 2007
Mckinney, TX
Our hatred comes from the fans. My wife and I were bagging our groceries at Walmart this past weekend. I, of course, had my orange on. A worker walks by us and says boomer sooner....I just looked back and asked him how he enjoyed minimum wage at Walmart. Screw them. I never act like a dick to people who have sooner gear on. No matter what I think, I am not the first to say something.

One other great example of their fans. My brother in law, grew up in Stillwater, but went to ou to be a Marine. I respect him for his service, (he recently retired after 23 years and many tours in Afghanistan and Iraq) but he does get on my nerves from time to time; Mostly to get me fired up. But a few years ago, he came back from 3 years in Japan. His family stayed with us as they flew in to DFW. His in laws also visited. I came home from my son's baseball game to see the softball college world series on my tv. My son didn't see who was playing, so he asked, and this lady said we were rooting for the team in red. I said, not us. She got offended and told me she always roots for OSU. I told her I never, ever, root for ou. She got pissed and tried to tell me, in my own home, what team I should root for. Seriously, after enjoying our hospitality, eating the food we paid for, she acted like I had to root for ou. F those people. I hope they lose every single game.

If it wasn't for football, we would completely own the bedlam series. I don't know the totals, but I am almost 100% sure, that using all sports, we come out on top. So screw them.
Feb 7, 2007
Tulsa, OK
Before they go, I would just like to see sooner fans acknowledge that the only reason they are relevant in football is because Henry Iba had integrity. Otherwise it would be OSU taking it's national brand built on cheating to the SEC. Just say thank you and be on your way.
Feb 18, 2009
Then the same people root for Texas when we play them
And I root for Texas when they play in Dallas.

I have two favorite teams, OSU and whomever is playing ou. Any sport. I’ve said for years nothing good for them is good for us. Those who saw the light years ago have been vindicated. The fact that they want bedlam to continue so badly tells me all I need to know to not do it.

My parents were the “I root for ou whenever they’re not playing us” type. I have converted my father. He’s but a mere pleeb in his newfound detestation of all things red but he’s devout. Mom is close but the douchebag BIL (that didn’t go to school at ou but is their biggest fan, sister is an OSU grad and the bread winner) requires her to keep the peace for some reason. Then she asks why the rest of us won’t come over to watch football with him. Because he ruins it that’s why.
Nov 18, 2011
Talk about nonsensical, it was like he didn’t even listen to Gundy’s comments. His rebuttal was just taking a shot and didn’t make any sense in relation to the discussion.

Finebaum is a jock sniffer. He spends 4 hrs a day talking to “Sheila from Hattiesburg” or “Frank from Talledega”. Talk about irrelevant. The Maury Povich of sports talk radio.
Feb 18, 2009